About the Journal

The Superintendent Journal (TSJ) is a platform for school superintendents globally to share insights, their accumulated knowledge and experiences with the world at large. In addition, all school superintendents are eligible to become authors by virtue of their authority as superintendents of schools. TSJ beneficiaries include students, educators, families, school boards, community members, institutions, policy makers among others. As the first journal dedicated specifically to the superintendent community, TSJ is also inspired by the legacy of  Superintendent Ellwood P. Cubberley and later Stanford University dean of Education. Cubberley first defined the superintendent as chief executive of schools in 1916 and is considered one of the most significant education theorists of his time. Cubberly wrote books, blogs and journals that shaped the superintendency and this journal is open to school leaders all over the world. 

All verified school superintendents are eligible to create an ORCID id and participate in peer review, submit invited articles, podcasts, videos and other compatible modalities. TSJ readers include, but are not be limited to students, educators, families, school boards, community members, institutions and policy makers. As the first and only journal dedicated exclusively to all school superintendents (new, active and retired) whose quest is to unravel the mysteries that link the brain and heart in developing future-ready school districts, TSJ does not limit the type of publication that superintendents may want to share when invited to contribute to an issue. This is designed to inspire open dialogue and scholarship based on each unique publication. TSJ is a trusted resource for school leaders to access primary and secondary research, anecdotes, manifestos, tools and trends in education leadership and each issue will feature contributions by domain experts and solutions for districts, counties and states. The most valuables resource are the school leaders themselves and the dialogues that are inspired by all publications with the community at large.


Dr. James Doty founded the Stanford Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education and authored "Into the Magic Shop: A Neurosurgeons Quest to Discover the Mysteries of the Brain and Secrets of the Heart." The Superintendent Journal by InventXR is part of a larger movement, the compassion revolution to amplify the voice, experience and unique journey of each superintendent. The peer publications are accessible to anyone who wishes to unravel the mystery linking our brains and hearts from the unique lense and insight of the school superintendent.